What kind of leaders do we need now?

An article from a popular nonprofit blog caught my attention today. It identifies 9 traits of leaders we need now. One trait is the skill of knowing and owning one's true identity and applying it to our largest vision.

Quoting the author "...the strongest leaders... have a clear sense of themselves, of their heritage, of where they come from. They draw strength from their roots and from their identities" I chose the photo of a cedar tree I saw this past weekend. It's roots are exposed and the tree still thriving!

One my recent projects focuses on ways to shape the origin story of a 150 year old institution and adapt it to refresh and renew their call to a strong future. Their heritage and roots have everything to do with where they want to lead next.

The article continues: "And they use their stories to advance the causes they care about. The leaders we need know that the fight for justice is often paradoxically about them but also not about them. It allows them to be in the spotlight if the situation demands, and to fade into the background and create space for others to lead when needed."

What a useful way to look at the ways we must balance our unique point of view and experiences in the context of others, to know when to voice our true ideas and when to listen and receive from others. What a difference that may make during a season of political tumult and decision making.

The entire article is worth your attention. http://nonprofitwithballs.com/2016/09/9-traits-of-the-kind-of-leaders-we-need-in-this-time-and-place/

Let me know what you think. Please contact us for ways we may assist you to get to your strongest identity and platform for growth.

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Catherine Reid Day