Your leadership approach, your business model, your organizational culture, your life path—they’re unique. When you claim and share your unique story, you increase your effectiveness.

Storyslices specializes in applying stories to transitions–both personal and organizational. During transitions, so much is possible: things can grow, atrophy, or emerge. Our approach to story-based consulting focuses on discovering your unique story, and applying that story to make a crucial difference in achieving your goals.




For Businesses: Strategic Communications

Deciding when and what to communicate, and to which audiences, have become increasingly complex decisions. Attention gets stretched by a flood of information. The ways we communicate and our choice of channels for delivery (social media, broadcast, digital, and print) produce different responses from target audiences. Audiences demand thoughtful, masterful stories and their strategic delivery. We're here for you.


For Individuals: Leadership Coaching

You know when you need to take a new approach to your work or your life. Something's not going as well as you want. An inner voice speaks to you, nudging you to take a new direction. When you listen to that voice and decide to act, Storyslices is ready to hear you and respond. Our work often begins during a transition—when something as you’ve known it needs to become something different. We focus our consulting and coaching to assist you and your organization in navigating these essential transitions so you grow.


"As we prepared to complete the transition of our construction company to our second generation owner, we worked with Catherine to shape our story for the public. With her assistance we got a feature in the business section of the Star Tribune and gained confidence in our ability to share our story. Catherine added real value to our business."

—Jean Henjum, co-owner Flannery Construction

Storyslices Services: Transition planning, leadership development, story coaching, strategic communications

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