Grief and the Power of Movement

This article affirms it. I am grieving.

In my grief I am called to do more in and for community. It is my solace. For it is in movement (Alfred Adler's term for changing ourselves) and movements (coalitions of people committed to act FOR something) we are transformed and transforming.

To find our way to move the needle and change what we cannot bear, we have to ask and seek answers to these questions:

1) What is it only we can do because of who we are together?

2) What more can happen because of our unique strengths and combined efforts?

These questions are included in my coaching method: The Storyslices Four Mores. See More. Be More. GIve More. Live More.

Ask what is it only you can do? Then wait to hear your answer.

The world needs us urgently. We are the answer.


Catherine Reid Day