Energy Summit for Working Mothers

What a pleasure to met Evren Suri Westhead, Entrepreneur Counsellor, Registered Clinical Counsellor MBA, and have her invite me to participate in her Energy Summit for Working Mothers. She's lined up some great experts on topics relevant to mothers in transition including on mindfulness, mastery and strategies for energy and parenting.

Here is her introduction and a link to my interview. Be sure to register for all the interviews!

Quoting from Evren promoting the series:

"Welcome to Day 2 of the Younger Every Day Interview Series where we’re just getting into the flow of this amazing topic! I hope you’re just as excited as I am about the speakers on this summit. Each one is ignited by this discussion and has their own unique perspective on what it means to them. It’s such an honor and joy to have today’s speaker as a part of this energy!

Catherine Reid Day is a bright light. She is transparent and genuine. In sharing her own story, she’s helping us question our interactions. Through her coaching, she is helping women find their core story to define their lives. As women discover their story, they can then expand fully in the face of challenges. She tells us:

•   The one place you need to start from or nothing else will work

•   About the importance of creating a community for the journey

•   What you need to do in order to expand your energy and break through old patterns

•   How to learn giving power back to ourselves


Catherine Reid Day