The urgency of who you are: four pathways to the true you


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”  - Rumi

As a girl, I met a bully teacher whose judgments about my creative work began to slowly drain and empty me of my creative and true identity. By the time I left college with a degree in creative writing and credentials as an award-winning poet, I felt depleted by criticism and comparison. I had little money, and so I opted to set aside my creative life to take a job and figure out how to make a living.

Before long, I’d slipped on the large and hungry persona of a driven communicator. My career took off and I was visible and successful. On the outside, I was winning awards for the organizations for which I worked, securing record-breaking revenues, and developing innovative projects. But on the inside, I was slowly shrinking. My voice became muted, my energy diminished.

At one point a colleague suggested, “If you don’t get back to your creative life, you will die.” That grabbed my attention. When I took steps to return to my creative loves, I also found my true calling to serve others through my coaching and consulting business, Storyslices.

So many of us allow our doubts, discouragements, and disappointments to drown out our true, clear voice. Who among us has set aside our vision for our self? We allow our mistaken beliefs and negative messages to convince us to replace our real self with a related but false identity.

The urgent question this begs is: What is the cost to us and to our communities because we don't follow the path that beckons us to be our true self? 

When you work with the Storyslices method, you’ll find your way to your fullest identity and calling, to your thriving. 

Storyslices offers individual and group sessions designed to reconnect you with your own story and identity, and to shape a platform from which to do your most fulfilling work.



Four Tuesdays

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

March 27-April 17


Four Thursdays

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

March 29 - April 19


Limited to 6 participants each group.

$275 prepaid by check or other arrangement.


Location: Dow Artist Building

2242 University Ave W, Studio # 203, Saint Paul (at the Raymond Avenue Green line stop). Ample street parking available.

Small group coaching participants are eligible for a discount on follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions: Two 2-hour sessions for $480 ($120/hr), regularly $175/hr.



 or contact or 651-354-5901.

Catherine Reid Day