Confronting greed by becoming our most powerful selves

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Some cultures think of greed as a mental illness, an affliction that needs to be addressed by the community in order to make healing possible. Greed is the key energy at work in the new tax bill, and many of us are angry. We can use our anger to move us, but only so far. Anger is a powerful energy, but not as powerful as compassion.

Compassion is the quality we need to draw on to transform our martyr selves (pushing the rock uphill on our own) into our healer selves (I share this process in my Story + Mastery = More method, the basis for my coaching work).

Transforming anger into compassion, we come together as a people united: diverse, firm, and unwavering in justice for all. What if each of us gently invited ourselves to use our anger to identify the place where our compassion can transform us into our most powerful selves, acting FOR humanity?

Visionary. Artist. Healer. Truth Teller.

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Catherine Reid Day