Why We Use Story

Finely crafted stories, shared at the right time with passion and enthusiasm, can transform our thinking. They help us see in new ways and inspire us to action. When shared with the right audiences, stories grow what’s important to you and to your enterprise.

Our story work takes many forms:



See More | Be More | Give More | Live More

Storyslices' equation for building your strongest identity and assisting you to reach your goals is Story + Mastery = More™. What does this equation look like in its practical application? We work together to shape and share your foundational stories while mastering the qualities that will generate the more you want: more clarity, courage, compassion, and confidence generate more revenues, recognition, relevance, and purpose.

We apply our method with both individuals and organizations who want to move forward toward a new destination. We assist leaders and their organizations to productively navigate transitions by amplifying your true story and authentic voice as the primary platform from which to launch your largest work. In our leadership development coaching, we apply our Story + Mastery = More™ method and its Four Mores to narrow the gap between who you are now, and who you want to be and become. Storyslices' Founder Catherine will assist you to find the places where you’ve adopted mistaken beliefs about yourself and the world, beliefs that stop you from living as your fullest self. When you claim your true story and apply it to your life and work, you thrive.

Applying the Story + Mastery = More™ model, we encourage you to embrace four super qualities (Clarity, Courage, Compassion, and Confidence) and four super powers (Vision, Agency, Love, and Wisdom). When you release your false and fearful self (the Scapegoat, Saboteur, Martyr, and Skeptic) you emerge as your heroic true self—as Visionaries, Artists, Healers, and Truth Tellers.

We’ll assist you as you fulfill your biggest vision while navigating the four pathways to your strongest identity, boldest voice, and largest life. Claim your story!


“I was propelled forward to develop this story-based identity method during my advanced study in psychology. It grew out of my passion for journalistic and human curiosity. I made the Story + Mastery = More™ model because I needed it. Once I researched and developed it further, I realized others might need it, too.”

– Catherine, Storyslices Founder

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