Can #firstsevenjobs reveal more? How do we become who we are?

My current work includes coaching leaders to find their true vocation and voice. So the exploration of #firstsevenjobs interests me. What might it reveal about how we become who we are?

My first seven jobs included a work-study job in the library at Beloit College and then an internship (known then as a field term) at a library in northern England. The other day I found the telegram announcing this job (#6) (see image). I was thrilled by the news.

The job offered me the chance to learn so much about human nature. We had no electricity during the dark days of winter due to a coal strike across the country so the librarians took very long tea breaks to chat rather than work. I learned about their lives and their loves.

The Irish Republican Army was bombing train stations in protest of social and religious justice issues, and so travel was challenging. Yet I traveled from toe to top of the country.

One of my strengths in the Strengths Finder Assessment is called 'input' which shows up as my journalistic and researcher nature. How fitting I spent time working in two libraries and used my curiosity muscles to explore the territory of human knowledge and behavior. It's been so useful throughout my life.

Have you taken a deeper dive into the meaning behind your #firstsevenjobs and how they connect with your current passions and purpose?

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