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When Ann came to me, she had faced a number of major losses. People who lived at the heart of her life had departed—her marriage had dissolved, and a dear friend had passed from diagnosis to death. Ann decided to give herself time away from her visible leadership job.

In this time of transition, she felt her life was trying to tell her something. She wanted some discernment and to regain traction in her life and career.

Over three months of coaching sessions we covered a lot of territory: where she’d lost energy and momentum at work, what led her to dedicate herself to nursing her friend during her illness, and what dreams she’d been carrying for a while without acting on them.

I asked, “Are you ready to put shape to your personal platform?”

Building a personal platform involves declaring the essential values and visions that express who you are, and what you aim to act on or give voice to.

“I think so,” she replied.

Her answer offered me a clue as her coach.

Before she’d be ready to craft that platform, we’d need to gather the data of her early life using a tool developed by psychologist Alfred Adler called early recollections. It’s a focused process that uncovers seemingly small incidents in our early lives that we still carry with us. These memories can lock us into beliefs about ourselves that are no longer useful to who we are today. Uncovering these stories, and transforming them, leads to new energy and beliefs that are useful in shaping a preferred new future.

Ann jumped into uncovering her recollections, discovering some of the detours she wanted to correct and significant themes she wanted to embrace. Ann connected to her true self and her thrïfast, her thriving.

As we turn our attention toward 2018, I’m offering both individual and group coaching sessions that include the key elements Ann worked through during her Storyslices sessions.

In Ann’s words, “I can’t tell you how powerful the sessions with you have been for me, in a number of ways. I am grateful for your support and advice.”

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Catherine Reid Day